• General Meeting 6

    Our info session is going to be on April 29th in WEL 2.312. All are welcome to check us out and get some free food and knowledge! We will talk about what we are offering and upcoming events. Please join us and get to know other pre-pharmers!

  • Japanese Association Golden Week Festival

    More details to be announced. Come to the meetings for more details or please contact Randy for more information.

  • Micah 6 Food Pantry

    Micah 6 is an ongoing volunteer event that you can help out with every week, every month, or whenever you like. Check out their website for more information but this is a volunteering event to provide food and assist the homeless. We will organize, distribute, and support those in need. Also, it is on 22nd and San Antonio so you can easily walk there! If it is your first time volunteering for Micah 6 fill out this form and bring it to the event. Our next Micah 6 volunteer will be November 17th